Kyrgyzstan 2008-2009: A Love Story

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How far would you go to save the one you love?

Fran Stewart has fallen in love with the little boy she is set to adopt from the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan. Just as she enters the final stage of the adoption process, a sinister coalition of politicians, bureaucrats and cynics begin working to halt international adoptions. Fran’s fight get her son home, based on the real life six year drama over international adoption in Kyrgyzstan, is the subject of Kyrgyzstan 2008-2009: A Love Story.

Fran is too seasoned, too plain, and too practical. In short, she is no one’s ingĂ©nue heroine. Nevertheless, she rises to the circumstance into which she is thrown. She works to get her boy home while struggling to determine how far ethically she can and should go to try and save her child from a horrific future. Should she sacrifice a budding romance, her body, her freedom?

Kyrgyzstan 2008-2009: A Love Story is a novel about devotion, faith, and action. It is a race against time in which Fran must figure out what to do before an adoption moratorium stops any chance for her son to have a healthy future. Fran’s background, beliefs, and what she knows of history push and pull her toward one awful act that just might get her child to safety."


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