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A Kentucky Cuckoo's Egg

A Kentucky Cuckoo's Egg is a 2500 word history short about the duel between Secretary of State Henry Clay and Senator John Randolph in 1826. It also delves into the history of dueling generally and specifically in Virginia. Who died, who lived, and who showed up to duel in a white bathrobe? Find out by clicking on the cover image above to download the pdf.

Was She Or Wasn't She

Was She or Wasn’t She is a 2300 word history short about Antonia Ford, accused Confederate Civil War spy.  Did she hide the fruits of her spying under her hoop skirts when the Yankee’s searched her house or was she “as innocent as Abraham Lincoln?”  Discover her secrets by clicking on the cover image to download the pdf.


Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is a 2200 word history short about a possible military coup after the Revolutionary War.  The Society of the Cincinnati was formed by disgruntled members of the Continental Army as the Revolutionary War drew to a close.  They were unhappy with lack of pay and supplies promised to them by the Continental Congress.  Was formation of the Cincinnati an attempt to form a military junta to rule the new country?  Learn the answer by clicking on the cover image to download the pdf.


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