“Educating a beautiful woman is like pouring honey into a fine Swiss watch: everything stops.”
—Kurt Vonnegut

“Women have their faults, men have only two: everything they say, everything they do.”
—popular feminist graffiti

“Time is not a river. Time is a pendulum.”
—Arna Bontemps

In 22nd century North America the pendulum has finally swung. Women run what is left of a post-apocalyptic world. Men are required to behave with deference or face being medicated and sent to work camps. Women are safe, secure and in charge. However, “there aren’t any acceptable men” is a refrain uttered all too often by the woman of Fish Seeking Bicycle, a Michael Crichton meets Veronica Roth novel.

Hazel Patel is a young women living in 22nd century Center City, the capital of the old United States. She is graduating college and wants to explore life outside the city she has never left. Hazel’s companion-mothers, however, want her to exercise prudence and start her medical studies. When Hazel’s biological mother is murdered, she discovers that, unlike most of her friends, she has a non-sperm donor for a father. Hazel decides to find him and, in the process, winds up in the feared wilderness struggling to survive with a group of prison escapees. When the handsome leader of the fugitives makes clear that he thinks Hazel is a spy, her safety and future is threatened. She must come of age quickly, prove herself and choose a side in the coming revolution.



Kate's books include the mysteries The Happy Housewife and The Gereizt Housewife, and the novel Kyrgyzstan 2008-2009: A Love Story.

About the Author

Kate Cooch, Author Photo

Kate Cooch got her start as a history writer and then moved into mystery writing with her "Happy Housewife" mystery series. Her first novel, a thriller about completing an adoption in Kyrgyzstan, came out in 2016. Her new dystopian book, Fish Seeking Bicycle will be the first in a three part series. Kate lives with her husband and three children in the Philadelphia suburbs.


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